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  A Comfortable environments is essential for industrial productivity and providing the right comfort levels in multi-use industrial facilities requires an integrated systems approach that combines efficiency, versatility, and critical control.  
  At  Controlled Climate Systems, Inc  we aim to make sure your system is installed maintained and working under a consistent indoor climate control. From complete system integration to simple preventative maintenance services our trained technicians will ensure that your system is working efficiently.  
  Maintenance services:  
  Maintenance extends the life of your system and keeps it in shape for high performance at all times. We offer a HVAC service and maintenance contracts specially designed for Factories  
  Services include:  
  Adjustment of controls such as thermostats, valves, (pneumatic, pneumatic and computerized mechanical or electric), Calibration of pneumatic thermostats, coil cleaning , filter and belt replacement , lubrication of motors ,wiring, Compressor installation and replacement, High static systems, Pipe insulation, Condensing units, Dehumidifiers, Air balancing, Refrigerant evacuation, Leak testing and repair.  
  Industrial Roof top air conditioners  
  Controlled Climate Systems, Inc will identify and install a easy-to-maintain system that will provide reliability and comfort for your commercial building for years to come. That includes energy-efficient ENERGY STAR® roof top air conditioners that help you control your structure's total energy costs.  
  Industrial boilers  
  Get the power and performance you need to keep your building's occupants comfortable and productive. At Controlled Climate Systems, Inc. We have the knowledge you need to install and recommend an industrial boiler system that is just right for your commercial or industrial facility.  
  Industrial chillers  
  Whether you need air-cooled or water-cooled industrial chillers, we have the training and on-site experience you need to recommend the chiller systems you need to support your facility specs today and well into the future.  
  Industrial Makeup air ventilation units  
  Controlled Climate Systems, Inc  has the knowledge to help you condition 100% of the outside air through various air ventilation units using methods such as "once-through," "low flow" or "primary-secondary." Our industrial building experts know how to handle air, and how to keep air units running quietly and efficiently.  
  Industrial exhaust fan systems  
  Maybe you need to supply combustion air for burners or re-circulate air streams within or out of various areas. Whatever the need, Controlled Climate Systems, Inc.  can outline the industrial exhaust fans and blowers that best suit your building, and expertly install and maintain them as well.  
  Industrial Building pressurization systems  

Buildings need to be properly pressurized for comfort, which often requires air to be compartmentalized into unique pressure zones. At the same time, building pressurization systems need to monitor and control the overall airflow.

At Controlled Climate Systems, Inc we can provide you with the solution.

  Industrial Clean room air conditioning & filtration  
  Clean rooms require high levels of air purity while. The challenge make’s it essential that your HVAC contractor can ensure that the equipment used for clean room air conditioning and filtration are up to the task, including low noise and vibration levels.  
  Industrial humidifier  
  Industrial buildings provide unique challenges when it comes to handling humidity. The amount of moisture and static electricity in the air is influenced by factors such as weather, carpeting, room space, equipment operation and even the number of people in each room. Controlled Climate Systems, Inc  are expert’s at measuring the footage and usage within industrial spaces, and installing industrial humidifier solutions that balance the comfort and control required to operate a business or manufacturing area effectively.  
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