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Ever wished there was something to help reduce dust and pollen in your home? There is!

Air cleaners effectively remove pollen, animal dander and other pollutants as small as 0.01 microns.

Air Purifiers

Air purifiers are perfect for those who want a healthier home. In addition to the benefits of an air cleaner, the air purifier will actually trap and kill bacteria in the filter. The Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (also called MERV) of your air filter refers to the diameter of the holes in the air filter that air passes through. Higher MERV ratings indicate higher efficiency operation and the smaller holes in the air filter.

UV Lights

To kill bacteria and prevent mold that can grow on your indoor coil, consider installing ultra violet lights. The UV lamps are designed to zap the mold and bacteria keeping the air that you breathe cleaner.

CO Detectors

Everyone knows to install smoke detectors in their home, but if you have any gas appliances (including a furnace, hot water tank, dryer, or stove), fireplace, kerosene heaters, wood stove, or even a garage in you need a carbon monoxide detector. CO detectors alert you to the deadly colorless and odorless gas. Carrier’s carbon monoxide device comes with a wall plug and a rechargeable battery to protect you and your family even in a power outage.

Fresh Air Ventilators

A fresh air ventilator allows for fresh air without opening windows. The system connects to your duct exhausting stale air while a separate vent brings in fresh air. These systems help reduce pollutants and odors in your home.

Indoor Air Quality Canonsburg, Upper St Clair, Bethel Park, Mt Lebanon & Washington PA